Having two main shapes for the surface, a circle and an oval, Theo series bring a 5 possibilities of dimensional varieties. Rich in both visual appeal and versatility, a design by Alp Nuhoğlu is introduced among coffee tables presenting storage and exhibition functions. Theo coffee table series bring flawless options with 5 different alternatives to the scale and style of the interior.

In both of its forms, having two surfaces presenting a levelled expression, Theo coffee tables offer users an additional functional space. While the top surface can be used to serve treats or display decorative objects, the lower surface acts as a storage for books and magazines. All of the sizes and models can be arranged as side tables and coffee tables in layouts.

The lean metal legs of Theo carry the upper and lower surfaces with a diagonal angle. Staging an optical illusion from different angles, these legs can be customised with a wide range of colours from electrostatic powder coating finishes catalogue.